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Automated | Personalized | Business Development

We send personalized emails on your behalf so that you can focus on higher value work.

Digital Sales Bundle

Just-In-Time Data | A.I. Video Creator | Personalized Email | Social Outreach | One-Click Conversations. For 2/3 lower cost than a dedicated BDR, BDR.ai will execute your digital outreach for you!

A.I. Video Creator

BDR.ai A.I. Video Creator – The difference between a great outbound campaign, and average, compelling video! BDR.ai will create up to 2 explainer videos, powered by A.I. Video Maker, to generate interest in the benefits of your solution.

Just-In-Time Data (TM)

BDR.ai will source up to 1,000 leads/month on your behalf from best-in-class data providers

One-Click Conversations

BDR.ai has you covered with outbound digital communications. It's up to you to drive the right number of sales conversations. Add One-Click Conversations to your arsenal to crush your competition!

Personalized Email

BDR.ai will send 50 personalized, net-new emails per day. With additional emails added to the flow, more than 100 emails are sent per day on your behalf.

Social Outreach

BDR.ai will execute up to 100+ social selling activities every weekday on your behalf. Activities include connection requests, InMails, Twitter likes, and more

The BDR.ai story

The BDR.ai story

Having managed inside sales teams of 50 - 100 for the past decade, I was frustrated to see the low-level work that had to be done by the SDR and BDR teams including researching prospects to reach out to, researching information about them, and then customizing the outreach by persona. BDR.ai takes the problem of SDRs and BDRs doing research and spending 4 hours of their day writing 10 - 15 emails, and makes it go away! BDR.ai aligns a BDR to each of your salespeople to deliver 100 personalized emails per day sent from your rep to prospects that meet your ideal customer profile. No budget from your company? No time in the day to execute your cadences? No problem - BDR.ai was created to enable you to outsource this function while making it more personalized than it's ever been! We specialize in lead generation, B2B lead generation, and Telemarketing.

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