Chad Burmeister, Founder & CEO, BDR.ai (Subsidiary of ScaleX.ai)

Chad has a successful career in building high-velocity sales teams at companies including Cisco-WebEx, Riverbed Technology, ON24, ConnectAndSell, and RingCentral.  Chad was the Founding Chapter President of the AA-ISP Silicon Valley Chapter which was voted two years in a row as “Chapter of the Year”, Director of AA-ISP Frontline Friday, and Colorado Chapter President to help advance the profession of inside sales to the next level of professionalism and performance. Chad is currently on the team who launched the Denver Enterprise Sales Forum.  Chad was voted Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professional by the AA-ISP 7 years in a row (2010 – 2016) and continues to be at the forefront of inside sales and high-velocity selling strategy & execution.

Chad graduated from Loyola Marymount University with an MS in Computer Information Sciences, 4.0 GPA.  Chad is also the author of two books called SalesHack.  And more recently ScaleX.ai, Multi-Channel Sales Acceleration, Powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Daniel Percey II, Chief Operating Officer, BDR.ai (Subsidiary of ScaleX.ai)

Dan is commonly referred to as a COO inside a sales leader’s body. With a focus on scalable and sustainable processes, while also being able to drive Sales, Marketing, and other Operations components, he has a proven record of success. He has gathered experience in both domestic as well as international markets serving companies ranging in size from start-ups to multinational organizations in both hardware and software industries.

A career focus for Dan has been around the Customer Lifecycle and how to harness its power. From product creation to the acquisition of data, demand generation, sales development, closure, customer success, and never forgetting about retention/renewals, he has led the attack. Whether it be through direct or indirect channels, Dan has an incredible amount of experience with these elements.

Dan’s driving mantra is Definition … Velocity … Discipline. If we as a team take the time to lay the proper foundation (define goals, structure, processes, etc.) we can drive faster growth in a more repeatable and sustainable manner. As we continue to increase velocity, we also must maintain a culture of discipline where we inspect what we expect and build a consistent feedback loop.