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I received this email from my mortgage broker, after receiving a phone call from him yesterday.  He didn’t tell me he was going to be sending an email with a new bot technology for real estate, he just said he was wishing me a happy new year, and wondered how the wine cellar was doing!Read more about[…] – Business Travel Gets AI – Business Travel Gets AI

Business travel has struggled to adapt to the times, becoming a fragmented and unpleasant process for employees and employers alike. Solutions that worked for companies twenty years ago don’t work today. TripActions was created to bring it all together. As an end-to-end, mobile travel management solution TripActions redefines what business travel programs look like forRead more about – Business Travel Gets AI[…]

News & Events

News & Events

Upcoming Events ScaleX Is Attending ScaleX Sponsors AA-ISP Leadership Summit and Sales 3.0 ScaleX, the leader in AI for Sales, announced Platinum level sponsorship of Sales 3.0 in San Francisco and sponsorship of the AA-ISP Chicago Leadership Summit. AA-ISP – Digitial Sales World – San Francisco | Feb 1, 2018 | South San Francisco Digital Sales WorldRead more about News & Events[…]