Automated Business Development

According to TOPO, a sales, and marketing advisory service, an average sales professional spends up to 4 hours per day writing 10 – 15 personalized emails in an effort to create a sustainable pipeline to exceed quota.  According to a Forbes article published on September 2, 2018, 57% of Sales Reps missed their quota last year.

Solutions like Chorus, Gong, and ExecVision are helping companies optimize what happens “inside the conversation”, and until now, there hasn’t been a great solution for solving the biggest problem that causes sales reps to miss their quota – a lack of pipeline.

Lori Richardson, CEO of ScoreMoreSales, said it best when she said “AI for sales is one of the most exciting things happening now and in fact is going to give professional salespeople higher value work to do.” Watch the YouTube Video here.

After delivering over 1.2M sales activities including more than 500,000 emails, discovered a lower cost way to deliver highly personal, and highly targeted persona based messages for sales professionals, delivered at scale, and launched under the new solution offering called

Quota carrying sales professionals can leverage to provide:

  • Access to a library of sales cadences (with personalization) that are proven to achieve above average reply rates
  • Execute 100 personalized emails/day on behalf of the salesperson
  • Deliver an AI-Powered daily “stand-up” with the sales professional to recommend actions to take against leads who show positive signals was a 12-month stealth project, ready for sales professionals who want to crush their quota by automating business development.

Watch the demo!

Read the full press release here.


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